Dangers of Cat Hair for Pregnant Women

Behind the benefits of reducing stress and depression, having a cat can actually increase the risk of disease transmission. Actually, not directly from the cat, but from parasites that stick to the body of this animal.

This is what causes cat hair to often become a threat, especially for pregnant women or people with low immunity. One of them is a fur allergy. Animal hair is not the main cause, but the splash of saliva, skin flakes and cat urine. In fact, when a cat cleans its body by licking its fur, the risk of allergies is just as high.

Dangers of Cat Hair for Pregnant Women

An allergic reaction that usually occurs is allergic rhinitis which is similar to flu symptoms. Some people will show symptoms such as itchy eyes, frequent sneezing, runny nose, and inflammation of the sinus area. Often happens, allergies caused by cat hair also trigger a person to experience asthma.

Pregnant women must be vigilant when keeping a cat at home when pregnant. Be diligent in having your uterus checked every month to detect any abnormalities in pregnancy, so that treatment can be done before complications occur.

Mothers can now make an appointment with an obstetrician at the nearest hospital, or ask anything directly to the obstetrician through the Ask a Doctor feature in the Halodoc application.

Not only allergies, there are many other diseases that target the health of pregnant women due to cat hair, here are some of them:


This disease is prone to attack pregnant women who have cats as pets. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, infecting humans through contaminated cat feces. Contamination can occur when a cat licks its fur, and humans who touch it are certainly infected by this parasite.


A fungal infection of the skin, known as ringworm, can infect humans through cats. As with toxoplasmosis, transmission of ringworm from cats to humans occurs when humans pet cat hair that has been contaminated with the fungus that causes ringworm.

Cat Claw Disease

Be careful with this one disease. Infections in humans often occur through cat scratches or bites. However, it is possible that transmission can occur through cat hair. The danger of cat hair for pregnant women has only caused symptoms in about 10 days on the scratch or bite mark, in the form of a small lump.

Can be Prevented?

The only way is to keep the cat clean and the environment inside and outside the house. Especially if the cat likes to spend time in the garden. Avoid cats outside the house or to the streets, because the risk of disease contamination is much higher than cats who do not go outside.

After the mother touches or strokes the cat or cleans the litter, make sure that your hands are washed thoroughly with soap, especially when eating. Don’t forget, bring your pet cat to the veterinary clinic for a health check.

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